Manastash x Nanga Down Jacket


We took a day out in pre-covid London with Mike Sallabank, Mr Fujitsuka and some of our favourite pieces from the AW20 collection. Here we are 10 months later living in a mad world!

Mt Gorilla Fleece / Flex Climb Pant / Hemp LS Tee


Aberdeen Kurtigan / Emb Logo Tee / Emb Logo Beanie

Monster 700 Jacket / Bigfoot III / Snug Thermal / Flex Climb Pant


M65 - 3 Way Jacket / Aberdeen Kurtigain / Ezzy Pant

Bigfoot Pullover / M65 - 3 Way Jacket / Ezzy Pant  
Monster 700 Jacket / Hemp Tour Tee / Flex Climb Pant 
Nanga Down Jacket / Bigfoot III / Snug Thermal / Emb Logo Beanie 
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